Pancerz, K., Szkoła, J., Warchoł, J., Olchowik G.: Spectrum Disturbance Analysis For Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Laryngopathies: An Exemplary Study. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Biomedical Informatics and Biometric Technologies (BT'2011), Zilina, Slovak Republic, November 10-11, 2011.

The main goal of this paper is to show an exemplary study on a spectrum disturbance analysis for a computer-aided diagnosis of laryngopathies. This study is a part of research leading to developing a specialized computer tool supporting a non-invasive diagnosis of selected larynx diseases. In the presented approach, for the examined patient's speech signal, a family of coefficients, calculated on the basis of the analysis of spectrum shapes around a basic tone and its multiples, is determined. This family may be helpful for preliminary classi
cation of a patient. Two diseases are considered: Reinke's edema and laryngeal polyp. The paper presents a medical background, basic problems, a proposed procedure for the computer tool, and experiments carried out using this tool.