Gomuła, J., Pancerz, K., Szkoła, J.: Analysis of MMPI profiles of patients with mental disorders - the first unveil of a new computer tool. In: Grzech, A., Świątek, P., Brzostowski, K. (Eds.), Applications of Systems Science, Academic Publishing House EXIT, Warsaw, 2010, pp. 297-306.

       In the paper, we introduce the first version of a computer tool called Copernicus for the analysis of MMPI profiles of patients with mental disorders. The tool was designed for the Java platform. There have been selected and implemented four quantitative groups of methods useful for differential interprofile diagnosis: distances, similarities and other psychometric measures for profiles, clustering patterns of nosological categories, classification functions, and decision rules extracted from the MMPI inventory data. The higher the degree of consistency of diagnosis carried out using each of these methods is, the more certain the final diagnosis will be.