Support Systems for Medical Decision Making

The research is supported by the grant No. SK-PL-0023-12 under Research and Development Cooperation Slovakia – Poland


Elena Zaitseva (Faculty of Management Science & Informatics, University of Zilina) - Coordinator from Slovak Republic

Krzysztof Pancerz (University of Management and Administration in Zamosc and Univerisity of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow) - Coordinator from Poland

Research Description:

The technologies of classification, estimation, prediction, affinity grouping, association rules, clustering, description and visualization are covered in Data Mining, which is widely used in the fields of medical informatics for decision support. Decisions play an important role in medicine, especially in medical diagnostic processes. Decision Making Support Systems (DMSS) helping physicians are becoming a very important part in medical decision making, particularly in those situations where decision must be made effectively and reliably. Since conceptual simple decision making models with the possibility of automatic learning should be considered for performing such tasks, decision trees are a very suitable candidate. They have been already successfully used for many decision making purposes. There are different types of decision trees. One of these types is fuzzy decision trees that combine fuzzy logic and decision trees tools for elaboration of the decision rules for DMSS. The new tool will be developed for induction of fuzzy decision trees based on cumulative information estimates for medical decision making. These estimates permit to induct decision trees with predetermined properties as parallelism, stability, optimality, etc. A distinctive feature of the proposed tool is reliability estimation that allows implementing the stable and dependable support system for medical decision making. Such system functioning is reliable and independent of unstable initial data. The reliability analysis of Multi-State System will be used for developing new methods and algorithms of reliability estimation of the support system for medical decision making.


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