Laboratory of Remote Medical Diagnosis


The laboratory is equipped with different computer tools and systems which can be used to develop, implement and test telemedicine systems, ambient intelligence systems, computer aided diagnosis systems as well as computer measurement systems used in the medical diagnosis.


  • A telemonitor for remote monitoring physiological parameters of patients: ECG, hemoglobin oxygen saturation (in arterial blood, the SaO2), pulse, non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP). It allows sending basic physiological parameters from patients to the monitoring center.

  • A telemedicine system for monitoring physiological parameters of patients. It allows sending recorded ECG examination through the Internet or mobile telephony.

  • An exchange for presenting a visual information sent by telemonitors as well as archiving this information in data bases on computer disks.

  • Programmable synthesizers, function generators and oscilloscopes for testing measurement systems.

  • Multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) modules for developing applications using dynamic signal acquisition and sensor measurements.

  • A graphical programming environment (LabVIEW) for developing measurement, test, and control systems.

  • An eye-tracker for measuring eye positions and eye movement to test or develop the visual systems, in psychology and cognitive science.



  • telemedicine systems,

  • computer measurement systems,

  • computer aided diagnosis in medicine.


  • designing ambient intelligence systems for health monitoring,

  • designing computer systems for diagnosis and therapy in psychology,

  • designing computer-based clinical decision support systems,

  • designing decision support systems based on computational intelligence.