Decision support system based on Semantic Web technologies

       At present, the usage of SW requires connection to databases that supports the RDF model storage or imports data into the RDF structures. Source data for the ControlSem are stored by the NHF in their relational Oracle databases. Therefore, to make connection to the data sources, the D2RQ converter was used. We used the TopBraid Composer (TBC) as the SW modeling tool, which is the extended language editor for RDF, RDFS and OWL, and moreover, explorer of instances and a tool for performing the SPARQL queries with a graphical user interface. An additional advantage of TBC is the built-in rule engine SPIN (SPARQL Inferencing Notation), that makes the process of definition of additional conditions and rules in the constructed queries of the ControlSem system easier.

ControlSem system Architecture

ControlSem System details