The main task of  this system (called ImageSYNTHESIZER) is a synthesis of medical images. The new algorithms, implemented in this system, define the hybrid, i.e. vector-raster type approach to synthesis of melanocytic skin lesion images. Namely, the Active Shape Model technique is combined with using pre-defined fragments of melanocytic skin lesions images (so called textures). The developed algorithms of image synthesis enables to generate the exhaustive number of synthesized images, corresponding to symptoms contained in a given melanocytic lesion (originally described by textual vector). It seems that synthetic images generated by means of the developed algorithms can be successfully used as an alternative source of knowledge.

The main screen of the developed ImageSYNTHESIZER , a computer program system for synthesis of static medical images (an example of melanocytic skin lesion of the category Benign nevus (Junctional nevus))

       Developed algorithms of synthesis melanocytic lesion’s images are implemented in C++ language, combined with the use of MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) library  and OpenGL graphic library.